Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday October 18, 2011

5 Rounds
200M Run
15 Pullups
15 Pushups (Hand Release)
200M Run
15 Situps (Unsecured)
15 Squats


Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

Did a group workout from 12/19/2010. Times posted there. But I gotta mention the big news for Lara. She did her first running workout where she did not stop! Pretty great milestone. Awesome job, Lara!

Fitness Estrella said...

21:01 RX'd
Good WOD! Would like to do the original WOD some time. My 200M were slightly longer (215M).

Fitness Estrella said...

This was a good one.

Jared: 21:21 Rx'd
Jen: 23:18 Rx'd
Morgan: 22:15 purple band
DevinG: 22:46 blue band
Carlie: 22:59 blue/red band
Lisa: 23:10 Blue band
Jeff: 24:10
Ennas: 26:53 blue/red band, subbed bench dips for pushups
Bridgette: 27:27 jumping pullups

Wasn't totally sure of everyone's modifications, so please post if I got something wrong!

Fitness Estrella said...

The original WOD was:
5 Rounds
200M Run
20 Pullups
200M Run
20 Pushups (Hand Release)
200M Run
20 Situps (Unsecured)
200M Run
20 Squats
There are several reasons why this WOD was altered and reduced a bit. One, we had recently done a long WOD and we did not need to do another long one this soon. Secondly, I wanted more intensity today. If there was an additional 25 reps of each exercise and another 1.25 miles, the intensity would not have been as great. The running would have slowed and the breaks would have been more and longer. Last but not least, with the many variables that go into the decission making of posting a WOD, the original was not suitable. Remember every WOD is as important as the next. There is no such thing as a real WOD or non real WOD, an original WOD or a non original WOD. Who is to say one is right and one is wrong? Every WOD is right, even the scaled WOD's. Bottom line is if a WOD did not feel that bad then you did not push hard enough. Work hard and increase the intensity and the results will come.

Lisa Hobbs said...

Did WO from June 8, 2011. Time posted there.

kq said...

This blew chunks! I have had a week off and this was pretty dang tough...dizzy and nauseous...

I could not imagine doing it the way it's posted above NOT AT ALL!! Boo-hoo!!! I managed to get 8-9 pullups in a row; but 75 is still a lot for me...no blisters...yay! Nice job Leslie.

Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

The only change for my time on this was that I could do 5 pull-ups without a band every round. But I completely lost all energy for a 6th. I'm in an annoying limbo of the purple band being too easy but the strenth/ endurance not there for complete rx'd on pullups. Mixing both seems to be the only way to keep intensity up with strength training. Any thoughts, Paul?

Fitness Estrella said...

Hey Morgan. Is the 5 Pullups all in a row? If it is if you dropped for 5-10 seconds can you get another 3? If so then this is how you will get stronger. If you think by dropping 2 or 3 times before getting your 15 pullups decreases your intensity, then you should be able to run harder due to the little rest you received. On the other hand if 5 pullups is all you can do per round before you can't do anymore then I would consider using the purple band from start to finish. For example I wouls like to see you do this WOD with the purple band and get all pullups unbroken the first 3 rounds. If you can do that then you no longer need a band. I think that your eagerness and competitiveness (good) is pushing you to go bandless. You can still ramp up intensity with a band. An example would be a WOD with Jumping Pullups (filthy fithties). Let me know if this helps!

L.A. said...

This was a bit Brutal! The runs where going well until about the 3rd Rd; became very sluggish. Pullups where good,situps and Squats where good. Pushups got tough toward the end! Krista kept up quite well with her Pullups. Way to push girl.


Jenette said...

Jenette - 26:20, purple band. This felt long! But I liked breaking up the rounds like this.