Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday October 27, 2011

33 Calorie Row
33 Pullups
33 Deadlifts (135#/225)
33 Power Cleans (80#/135#)
33 Calorie Row

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Friday January 21, 2011


Fitness Estrella said...

12:49 RX'd
I probably should not have done this RX'd as I have seen a little improvement with my shoulder the past few days. Otherwise I am happy with the results.

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11:47 RX'd

Anonymous said...

20:13 Rxd
Subbed SDHP for 50 reps with 53# kettlebell
Deadlifts were done 5-5-6-6-6-5, my powercleans were done about 3-4 at a time before rest. Fun WOD great job everbody.


kq said...

Did WOD from 06/02/11 with Leslie today; posted there. Not looking forward to this WOD... Nice job guys!

L. A. said...

I posted there as well! Felt good, got a good pump out of this one! Krista whipped my butt. OHS are my worst thing to do!

7 Pullups
7 PP
100m Run
15:39 (Suckie)!

Jen B. said...

120# DL
75# PC

This wasn't the best WOD for me today after my WOD yesterday with 120 pullups and heavy deadlifts! I had to take multiple breaks on pullups, deadlifts and power cleans. Still beat my previous time though! yeah!

Previous time:
18:46; 120# DL, 75# PC (1/21/11)

kq said...

18:36 (I believe)
125lb DL
75lb PC

This was a pretty tough/different combo. Pullups were ok; actually got through them pretty good (for me) - only one tear on my hand! DL's were hard and PC's were tough too. Row felt good! Thanks for having us!

Jenette said...

Jenette - 21:18, purple band, 125# dl, 65# pc...felt strong on pc's, pull ups are 3-5 at a time, dl's 5 at a time. Hand and grip fatigue, hr max at only 189 during Pc's. I like this format of doing each station once. I used both bars and practically all weights! Great WOD.