Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday October 16, 2011

5K Row

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Saturday March 27, 2010


Fitness Estrella said...

18:58.9 5K Meters RX'd
9:36 2500 Meters
1:53.8 / 500M Pace (Total)

This was good to do. It had been a while and was glad to get it done. I can not believe that I beat my last times. I did not know what my previous time was, therefore my goal was to keep below a 1:55 / 500M pace. My last 300M was at a pace of 1:27. I really wanted under 19 minutes once I saw it was doable.

Previous Times:
19:13 5K Meters RX'd (03/27/10)
9:35 2.5K Meters
7:36 2K Meters

19:07 5K Meters RX'd (12/27/09)
7:21 2K Meters

L.A. said...

I did Thurs WOD today! This wasn't to bad. althought the run was a bit long. I was able to do the Dips without the band, my hand is getting better. And 5 wasn't alot to do at once.


First Run 2:56min
WO with first run was> 11:24min
Last Run 3:24min

Total> 14:48?