Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday September 28, 2011

Thrusters (60#/95#)
SDHP (60#/95#)

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Friday March 04, 2011


Sandra R said...

rx'd 17:01
SDHP were the hardest, had a difficult time getting the bar all the way up. Thrusters were great and was able to do all of them unbroken

Previous: 11/4

L.A. said...

Nice job Sandra! 60lbs is difficult to lift in that postion, by having your hand and arms in that position makes it harder then you think; verses Thruster movement. Keep up the great work.

Lisa Hobbs said...

Had group WO at park. Did WO from July 3, 2011. Group times posted there. Great WO. How come 10 burpees can feel like 100 in a WO? They're good though...Love to hate them!

Fitness Estrella said...

AHHHH! You have got to that point. We all LOVE 2 HATE them! You will love to hate them more once the double unders come around. Good Job!

Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

Did the weight workout with the group today.
15:49 rx'd
Previous time 16:49 30#on 3/8/11. A whole minute faster with twice the weight! Woohoo!!

Jen B. said...

14:32 Rx'd

This was good, got all thrusters first round, then put down once on rounds 9,8,7. All SDHP unbroken. I was surprised that I beat my previous time by almost a minute! Everyone did a great job with the WOD and it looks like everyone beat their previous times. Morgan and Jared KILLED their previous times! So, to the rest of the group - this will be you in 5 months.

My previous times:
15:29 60# 3/04/11
16:29 60# 11/13/10
13:43 55# 4/30/10
14:19 50# 11/1/09

kq said...

13:36; Rx'd (Yay!)

Wow...everyone is just killing these WOD's! Great job! Got all TH and SDHP unbroken and really pushed hard on my burpees.

14:43; Rx'd 03/04/11
15:21; Rx'd 11/13/10
14:14; 55lbs 04/30/10
14:18; 45lbs 11/01/09

Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

Dang Krista and Jen! You guys are awesome! Down by a minute every time you've done it rx'd.

kq said...

Hey there Morgan and Jared - you two are doing AMAZING yourselves!! :0)

Jen B. said...

Rayne: 14:15 Rx'd
Jared: 14:18 Rx'd
Cheri: 11:48 30#
Jesse: 11:52 30#
Jaime: 14:30 20#
DevinG: 14:52 30#
Emily: 18:02 35#/30# (subbed front squat for thruster)

Cheri M. said...

Felt good, worked on form more than weight.(Since Im a newbie) Think another 5 #'s wouldve been good for me for more of a challenge. Thx again everyone:)

Fitness Estrella said...

12:37 RX'd
I wasn't going to do this but couldn't resist. I could not transition from SDHP to Thrusters and had to put the bar down each round due to my should pain. I new I was going to be slower but just kept a steady pace and am actually happy about my time even though it's my slowest time.

Previous Times:
11:26 RX'd (3/04/11)
11:59 RX'd (11/13/10)
10:51 RX'd (4/29/10)
4:24 after round 8
11:19 RX'd (02/10/10)
12:10 RX'd @ S#42 (11/03/09)
11:59 RX'd (11/01/09)

Jenette said...

Jenette - 17:32, 50# (PR for thrusters)...not totally thrilled w/this time, but I had already run two miles, I did this by myself in the garage, and it's late! :-)))

Lisa Hobbs said...

35 #
Need to buy some more weights so the wo would be more challenging.