Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday September 15, 2011

150 Wallballs (12#@9' or 14#@8'/20#@10')
200M Run (every time you stop)

Stopping is any pause in repetitions. If the wallball falls to the ground, pick it up immediately and continue. This is not considered a stop in reps.

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Sunday August 23, 2009


Fitness Estrella said...

10:34 RX'd
My legs are Jello!

Previous Time:
8:26 RX'd No Run (8/23/09)

Jenette said...

Jenette - 18:49, tried to do 20 wb's at a time. Lost track of the running but did stop on even numbers to keep track of the wb's.

I didn't really want to post my time, but at least I did this. My legs have been in extreme pain for a couple of days, like this was my first WOD. It was a good one!

Sandra R said...

Did this workout with the group on 9/19
Morgan 17:39 14#/8.5'
Emily 13:52 10#/6'
Bridgette 9:31/ 10#/6'
Lara 21:30 10#/6'
Sandra 11:12 14#/7.5'
Kim 9:08 12#/7'
Karen 11:54 12#/6'

Great Job everyone.