Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday September 25, 2011

4 Rounds
400M Run
25 Double Unders (75 Singles)
10 Ring Dips

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Sunday August 02, 2009


Fitness Estrella said...

11:45 RX'd
The Ring Dips were brutal. DU's were unbroken every round but the first.

Previous Times:
12:16 Singles (8/02/09)
"Easy Workout." (how funny)

Jen B. said...

This was our Saturday group WOD. Very tough with DU's!

Paul: 11:45 Rx'd
Jared: 12:13 Rx'd
Morgan: 14:38; Red band
Krista:16:02; purple band
Jen: 17:04; purple band
Cheri: 11:50; singles, bench dips
Jake: 12:13; singles, bench dips
Lisa: 12:30; singles, red band
DevinG: 13:38; singles, bench dips
Chris: 14:45; singles, bench dips
DevinH: 14:56; singles, bench dips
Bridgette: 16:01; singles, bench dips
Emily: 18:54; singles, bench dips
Mindy: 30:53; singles, bench dips

kq said...

This was tough! I (barely) did the first rnd of ring dips with no band; after that I HAD to use the purple band! I had no strength to do the ring dips after the run and DU's!!

Nice job EVERYONE!

L.A. said...

Great everyone! I did this WOD Monday 9/26. I like the Ring Dips, first Rd no band; there after I needed the band. After haveing surgery for carpel tunnel this summer; I find that I have lost some strengh in my right hand. The run was good about 1:40, DU's was able to get three in each rd.

RD's (purple band last 3 Rds)

Jenette said...

Jenette - 15:06, singles, purple band
Hunter - 16:52, row, singles, box dips
(Jayne and James joined us outside and did the same wo w/100m run, 20 singles and 10 box dips. They loved it!)

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