Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday September 24, 2011

500M Row
5 Rounds
7 Power Cleans (60#/95#)
7 Front Squats (60#/95#)
7 Push Press/Jerks (60#/95#)
7 Burpees
500M Row


Fitness Estrella said...

13:18 RX'd
My shoulder has been bothering me the last week and made it very difficult transitioning from each exercise. I had to put the weight down after each exercise to reposition my hands due to pain in my shoulder, elbow and hands. This slowed me up alot.

kq said...

17:18 Rx'd

This was a tough WOD. I had a hard time finding a fast pace. PC's were good - FS's slowed me down; PP and burpees were good. Just stayed slow and steady...

Jen - nice job! Thank you!

Jen B. said...

16:58 Rx'd

This was hard! It was good to do a row workout, started off strong on my first row (about 2:00 minute pace), but couldn't get below 2:22 on the second. I did this with Krista who was right there with me the entire time. We also had Lisa A. - this was her first WOD ever - she did a great job pushing through and finishing the WOD. Her two children, Gabby and Vincent did a separate WOD and also did awesome for their first time!

Krista: 17:18 Rx'd
Lisa A.: 25:00 25#

Gabby and Vincent's WOD:
4 rounds
400m run
10 burpees
15 box jumps
20 squats

Gabby: 23:20 12" BJ
Vincent: 25:02 12" BJ (2 runs @ 200m)

Jenette said...

Jenette - 19:57, 55#. 2:10 first row, 2:30 2nd, pc & fs unbroken, pp 4/3 and totally relied on form to get under it in rounds 4&5.