Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday August 16, 2011

AMRAP in 15 Minutes
500M Row
10 Deadlifts (body weight)

Compare your rounds to the similar WOD done on Saturday August 13, 2011. Continue for time to do exactly what was completed with the Run/DL WOD. Example: If you did 5 rounds on the RUN/DL WOD and you did 4 rounds and 200M Row on the ROW/DL WOD, continue until you get 5 rounds and post your time along with the rounds to the WOD.

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Saturday August 13, 2011
How is this? Better?


Fitness Estrella said...

5 Rounds and 370M Row
Finished 6 Rounds and 50M @ 16:08
With 200# DL's

This was much more difficult. I wanted to quit after the tird round. I was on pace at the end of the tird round being at 7:28. I am still happy with only taking 1:08 longer with the row.

Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

Does the rope have to underline fitness estrella? I would just cut it off right at that bottom curve. Otherwise I really like it

Lisa Hobbs said...

Looks great!

Fitness Estrella said...

We actually have a new drawing that looks stellar. When I get it from Jenette I will post.

L.A. said...

Today Krista and I did a WO from early July! There isn't any WO that fits these HOT DAYs!! I was able to get 6 DU's + 2DU's in a row twice; thoughout this WO! Thanks Krista; her DU's are SWEET all the way.....!

50 DU's (150 singles)
40 Air Squats
30 Situps (unsecured)
20 Pushups (H/R)
10 Push/Jerks (RX'd #60)


Prv: 7/18/11
55 lbs

kq said...

19:58; Rx'd (actually 65lb PP)

DU's were not there today...thanks Leslie...keep up the effort and those DU's will come! Get yourself a new rope too; might help! :0)

19:24; 50 DU's; 60lbs (06/08/11)
16:03; 25 DU's; 60lbs (03/09/11)
11:41; 50 singles; 45lbs (04/09/10)
12:29; 50 singles; 40lbs (12/09/09)
13:11; 50 singles; 30lbs (07/28/09)

Lisa Hobbs said...

Lisa- 4 rounds of rowing...3 rounds DL @ 80# We did this at the Starpointe, so we had to use a dumbell for DL and that was the heaviest they had. Still, I was sore from yesterday's WO so all in all it was okay.
Devin- 4 rounds of rowing and 3 rounds DL @ 80#

Jen B. said...

4 rnds + 165m @ 15 minutes
5 rnds + 300m @ 19:22

Much harder with the row than run. My 1st and 3rd rows were actually the best. I really didn't want to go past the 15 minutes...luckily Paul was there to keep me on track! Thanks babe! :)

Jenette said...

Jenette - 17:42 4 rounds, 115#. I'm feeling better able to handle the weight, but am working on the technique of using the bounce to keep going. Rowing is tough!