Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday August 07, 2011

4 Rounds
400M Run
5 Burpees
10 Box Jumps (20"/24")
15 Kettlebell Swings (35#/53#)
20 Good Mornings (35# KB/53# KB)*

*For Good Mornings use your KB and hold like a pendulum or deadlift. This stiff leg deadlift. Make sure you keep your core tight. You may sub unsecure situps.


Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 16:51 RX'd
Good WOD!

Jenette said...

What to sub for boxes? Singles?

Fitness Estrella said...

Hello Jenette. You can sub Tuck Jumps for Box Jumps. You jump hard straight up and pull your knees to your stomach and then open hips back up before you land. That is one rep. Look them up on you tube.
Also dont you have a flat bench (exercise bench)? You can do BJ's on that. Lets get together and cut your wood!

kq said...

18:27 (Jen??)

This was pretty tough; I was toast by the 3rd round. Did this Sat morning so today I did Fri's:
5 rounds
10 CU
10 Sqt cln WB
10 DU
10 Burpees

12:17 Du's; 13lb WB

Jen B. said...

Used 35# KB for Good mornings and KB swing
19" bench for box jumps

I thought this was a good all around workout. Was able to go straight through on everything without much rest between. Krista and Chris - nice job! Thanks for the company!

Krista: 18:27 35# KB
Chris: 19:10 44# KB

L.A. said...

You guys kicked Butt on this one!!

I was bad on the RUN, I walked back on my last one, I was ready to pass out; so I lost some time there!!! Was able to do all Burpess, KB's,and G/M unbroken! I have a neck pad for the Bar, which helps so much.!! If you don't have one, it would be a good investment!! BJ's went real well but had to pause one time throughout each rd.

21" BJ's (Box's R 1" highier)


Lisa Hobbs said...

16:53 Used a 21# KB (all the weight I had) and did the situps unsecure sub for GM. Tough one. I was still sweating even after I hopped in the shower!

Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

Did this in Pinetop today. Still super sore from the 1/2 Murph.
Jared- 18:50
Morgan- 20:39

Fitness Estrella said...

I just have to add that my Hamstrings are still crazy sore from the good mornings!
Awesome job Jared and Morgan. Have fun in Pinetop!

Jenette said...

Jenette - 23:54, row, 35# kb, tuck jumps. Wanted to challenge myself with a row and it turned this wo into an ab killer. I had to take a break to avoid being sick. Good WOD! :-)

Lisa Hobbs said...

Lisa: 16:54 35# KB for swings and GM
Cheri: 16:59 26# DB for swings and GM
Devin G: 19:19 35# KB for swings and GM
Jamie C: 21:18 15# KB for swings and GM
Lara: 23:10 20# DB for swings and GM
Bridgette: 22:17 15# KB for swings and GM
Allison Miller: 19:34 20# DB for swings and GM

Great job everyone! This was tough! My legs felt like Jell-O! I had to tell my legs to keep moving!

Lisa Hobbs said...

Oh, our box jumps were on the park bench.