Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday August 08, 2011

800M Run
10 Rounds
5 Pullups
10 Pushups (Hand Release)
15 Squats
800M Run

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Tuesday December 22, 2009

Morgan, Sandra, Shannon, Jared and Ben getting it on!


Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 19:30 RX'd
I gave everything I had with my hurt shoulder. I did everything I could to get all 5 pullups each round. Pushups were tough and seemed to use the majority of my left side. Squats were slow.

* Previous times were with regular pushups not Hand Release.
Previous Times:
Paul - 14:31 (12/22/09)
Went hard and felt the PAIN.
Through round 5 (half way) I was at 6:30.

Paul - 16:17 (9/08/09)

Jenette said...

Looks like FUN and sorry to miss it! Will do this later tonight at home.

kq said...

Way to go!! :0)

Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

Very nice workout I still feel the pump in my back from the pull ups.
Morgan 22:09?? She pushed hard
Jared 22:42 I need to learn how to push through the pain and fatigue of running.

Anonymous said...

Yellow band
Pushups were a killer. Went to knees on round 7
Way to go Morgan pushing with that last run. I couldn't find
Any more energy.
This was fun today thanks everyone.
Sandra R.

L.A. said...

Going to save todays WOD, for Krista an I!!!
So I did yesterdays WOD instead. I was bad on the RUN, I walked back on my last one, I was ready to pass out; so I lost some time there!!! Was able to do all Burpess, KB's,and G/M unbroken! I have a neck pad for the Bar, which helps so much.!! If you don't have one, it would be a good investment!! BJ's went real well but had to pause one time throughout each rd.

21" BJ's (Box's R 1" highier)


Jenette said...

Jenette - 24:23, purple band, hand-release push-ups. 1st run was >4 mins, 2nd run >6 mins. Could have made up some time there. Everything else felt strong and took few breaks.

Hunter - 26:50, jumping pull-ups, push-ups on knees, 2x1000m row

Lisa Hobbs said...

Did yesterday's WO today. Will do this one next!

kq said...

OMG! Jen KILLED this WOD...Dang!!

21:??; Rx'd

I actually ended up walking twice on the last run...I was was soooo HOT! I am glad that I completed most of the pullups unbroken. The push ups slowed me down. Leslie and I fought hard - thanks Jen!!

19:03; red band, regular push ups (12/22/09)
19:24; blue band, regular push ups (09/08/09)

Jen B. said...

20:00 Rx'd

The run at the end KILLED me! Like Krista said - it was HOT (3:30pm). Did the first run in 3:36, took over 4:00 minutes for the end run. Felt pretty good with everything else! Krista and Leslie - way to push girls!

18:28; regular pushups (12/22/09)
18:08; Purple band; regular pushups (9/08/09)

Krista - your time was 21:55
Leslie - 23:05

L.A. said...

OMG... This WOD was BRUTAL!! Thank god we did this together!! I walked almost one way in the last run!! I was so HOT that my feet felt like they where sticking to the ground!! Pullups where good, last two Rds could only do 4 at a time, just couldn't pull up that last one. Pushups good, last two rds stopped at 7. Squats quick and easy. Thank you both ladies. Sorry Jen for the SWEAT PUDDLE in your front hall!! Lol..

23:05 RX'd

18:56; H/R pushups, purple
19:59; H/R pushups, purple

Lisa Hobbs said...

19:22 jumping pull-ups, hand release push-ups on toes. Good WOD. My legs were still a little sore from Rayne's WOD yesterday!