Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday August 12, 2011


I would like to comment on everybodies performance and hard work yesterday. First it was great to see 10 exited people work hard and have a common goal. I am very impressed with Sandra and her push. Jared has come so far and had excellent form. Jenette is awesome. She started 3 months ago and couldnt do a 25# thruster and yesterday did RX'd including pullups for the first time without a band. Shannon keeps coming out and giving it her alleven without ever learning these technical lifts. Ben is right there with his wife. They are learning together and make a great team. This wod was Carley's first wod and was amazing for doing 2 very hard and technical exercises for her first workout. Maryanne was awesome and I was impressed with her athletic ability with one of her first wods. Lisa is so strong and have everything she had on the pullups. She also did RX'd not to mention this was her first time doing weights in a wod. Morgan has come so far and continues to get stronger. Her runs are lightning fast. And of course Jen, she is so wonderful and so strong. She amazes me. You all are doing so well. Keep up the hard work and the results will come.
As a side note: Jen and I celebrated our 15th anniversary. It has been so wonderful!


L.A. said...

Just ran today, my legs are toast from yesterdays WOD! Real early for this one, before the sun hits most of the pavement!



Jenette said...

I'm sure I speak for everyone in saying "Thank you!" for the kind words. It's been so important for Hunter and I to have the help of all of you in getting into shape, since we've never really exercised...ever! Unless you count 30 mins on a treadmill while reading a magazine, 3 days/week. Crossfit has been a huge challenge for us physically, but always fun and has definitely garnered results. I'm really excited watch the "club" grow, and see new people bring fitness into their family's everyday lives. :-)

Lisa Hobbs said...

Thanks so much Paul and Jen for inspiring all of us to be more fit and giving us such great support. You guys are awesome! And Jen is amazing when she works out!