Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday July 08, 2011

4 Rounds
400M Run
50 Air Squats

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Saturday January 01, 2011


Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 12:20 RX'd
Did this at the track in Auburn. Jen's brother's joined in and did an excellent job!

Previous Times:
Paul - 12:37 (01/01/11)
Did this in Jackson at the church. Again Julie and Randy joined Jen and I. Thanks again and great job!

Paul - 11:59 (06/28/10)
Did this at a track in Auburn. My brother Danny smoked me with a time of 11:47. This was his first time doing this WOD.

Paul - 10:56 (02/01/10) *Best Time*
With a WB

Paul - 11:47 (09/16/09)
At PVCC Track

Paul - 11:40 (07/06/09)

Anonymous said...

Jen B.

A little faster...I was trying to beat my little bro who was doing the WOD with 25 squats per round. He beat me by 47 seconds.

13:34 (1/01/11)
13:28 (6/28/10)
12:51 Best time on this WOD.

Anonymous said...

We had to modify the WOD in order to get my brothers to do it (they have done this one before)! They said they wanted to be able to walk tomorrow...

4 rounds
400m run
25 squats

Joe: 12:34
Jason: 11:48

Jen B.

L.A. said...

Hope you two and your family are haveing a great vacation! Nice job with your WOD. Today I did a WO from 10/26/09. My Pushups suck so bad it seems like it will take a long time before I can put alot more preasure on it.

15 DB Squat Cleans @20#'s
80 Singles (20 DU's) I did Singles!!
25 Pushups


Prv 10/26/09

Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

I don't know what was wrong with me today but I had cramps in my sides for every 400m in the wo! Totally slowed my pace. 14:45.

Jenette said...


This was a good wod! I feel like I improved on my last time and felt strong. My timer didn't start as I had thought, so I'll have to do this one again at another time.

L.A. said...

Great job ladies. Keep up the good work!

Lisa Hobbs said...

Lisa- 11:46 love this WO! Makes me soo tired!
Devin- 12:54

kq said...


Not my best; not my worst. Guess I'll take it...thanks for joining me Leslie!

12:37 (03/11/11)
15:40 (07/15/10)
12:53 (02/01/10)
15:10 (09/16/09)
16:38 (07/06/09)

Anonymous said...

did this one on 7/12

15:40 Humid and hot!!

previous on 2/10/2010

Sandra R.