Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday June 09, 2011

Box Jumps (20"/24")
Power Snatches (60#/95#)


Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 9:49 RX'd
This was tougher than expected. Of course it was the Snatches that were the hardest and took the longest.

L.A. said...

Won't be able to use the pull and push motion for awhile. So Pullups and Pushups are out of the question for another week. Stiches come out nxt week Yay!! Made up a WO today. BJ's where the worst over all, used one 25# in my Left Hand and a 5# in my right for the weighted Lunges. And a 20# for the Hang/Cln Squats, no # in the right.

Ran 1.25mls first
no time

10 BJ's @16"
100' Weighted Lungs @25#'s Left H only, 5# in RH
25 Situps
10 DB Hang/clns @20#'s Left H only
Finished with 100 Singles


Fitness Estrella said...

Great Job Leslie! Way to do the WOD's, make some up and still do the motion while carrying weight in your left hand only. Impressive. Keep it up and you better sign up for the tough mudder!

Jen B. said...

12:23; 55#

I felt good with this WOD today. Box jumps felt faster, I was very happy with doing power snatches @ 55#, and pullups were good. We had our weight bars out in the sun during the workout and they were hotter than I thought because I have blisters on all of my fingers!

Krista (14:02; 55#) - you were going strong! Sorry about the blisters!
Morgan (13:11; 40#; red band) - Nice job on your pullups!

kq said...

14:03 (I think?)
21" BJ

Well, I got spanked today by Jen AND!! Nice job ladies!

First 21 pullups were pretty solid - then just about done with the 15 and (you guessed it) riiippp!! Both palms...last 9 did jumping! BJ's were good but made PS's much more difficult to do (for me).

Keep it up Leslie!