Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday June 26, 2011

Bottom to Bottom Tabata Squats
1 Mile Run

This is 20 seconds of work (squats) with 10 seconds of rest. The kicker is that the rest is in a squat position. No resting your butt against your legs (calves) or using your elbows to brace yourself on your knees. This is a squat resting in a parallel position to the ground. Do this for 8 rounds. Immediately after run 1 Mile.
Record your lowest reps for any given round and also the total reps. Do not forget to record your time for the mile run.


Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 10/6:34
I could not hold the squat at the bottom for the entire 10 seconds for about half the rounds. My mile felt slow the first 3 laps. Legs are definitely sore. My total squats were 105.
17, 16, 15, 12, 11, 10, 12, 12

Previous mile:
6:05 after running 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 miles.

Lisa Hobbs said...

Lisa- 11/7:42
Devin- 7/9:00

kq said...

Will save this one for a later date..
Today I did:
4 rounds
10 Thrusters, 10 Burpees, 10 SDHP

7:21 Rx'd (45lbs)
8:25 1 mile run after (8:09 is my PR) Grr!!

Joshua said...

First off, You have my deepest hatred for this workout!
18, 12, 11, 10, 9, 7, 7, 8
82 squats with the lowest being 7. My mile time was 8:20. Half mile split was 4:20.

I was trying as hard as I could to not "rest" my belly on my legs for the "rest" sections of this, but I was probably cheating on a few of them just because I was about to fall if I didn't.

On probably the last 5 rounds of the squats, After every time I finished my "rest" and push up for my squat, my legs burned... AS IF FROM THE VERY FIRES OF HELL... and I would almost fall back just because my legs were hurting so badly.

I'm definitely not looking forward to tabata squats again. THought I'll probably forget how much they sucked by the time I do them again. Haha.

Fitness Estrella said...

Awesome Josh! Yes this was hard considering it was only 2:40 of work!

Jen B. said...


Yes, I did have to cheat on a few of the rest sessions. My quads were BURNING! Pretty sore today, although I did the run/OHS WOD the following day. Nice job Josh!