Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday June 25, 2011



Joshua said...
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Joshua said...

I did this workout again tonight to see if I would get any better without the 110+ degree weather drying me out:
200M Run, 10 Deadlifts
200M Run, 9 Deadlifts
200M Run, 8 Deadlifts
200M Run, 7 Cleans
200M Run, 6 Cleans
200M Run, 5 Cleans
200M Run, 4 Clean and Jerks
200M Run, 3 Clean and Jerks
200M Run, 2 Clean and Jerks
200M Run, 1 Overhead Squat
@ 95#
It felt SO much better at midnight. I finished at 20:20. Not amazing, but better.

kq said...

Hey Josh - good for you!! :0)

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