Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday June 27, 2011

AMRAP in 15 Minutes
5 Deadlifts (Body Weight)
10 Kettlebell Swings (44#/70#)
20 Jumps over the Bar


Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 9 Rounds, 5 DL's and 2 KB's RX'd
205# Deadlifts
70# Kettlebell Swings
Finished 10 rounds in 16:08.

This was a tough WOD! Much harder than it looks!

kq said...

Looks good so that must mean it is HARD!

kq said...

Will do this I met Lisa at the park we did:

5 rounds (12/03/09 sub'd DU's for 250M row)
25 DU's (75 singles)
5 BJ's (18")
10 Burpees
15 Sit ups

Krista 14:42; DU's (16:00 w/row; 12/03/09)
Lisa 15:43; Singles

Great job Lisa; we got our sweat on!! :0) Sorry we missed you Morgan...

Joshua said...

I did a workout from the main Crossfit website since I didn't have enough weight for the deadlifts plus no kettlebell(or anything similar that I could find)

800m run
30 C&J
800m run

The first 10 C&Js I did at 115#, the rest I did at 95#.

Jen B. said...

9 Rounds + 5 DL
115# DL/ 40# DB

This was a killer...especially in my 120 degree garage this evening! KB's were brutal by the 5th round. Thanks for joining me on this one Krista and nice job!

kq said...

8 rounds + 5DL + 10 KB
115lb DL; 40lb DB

This crushed me...I really struggled to get through the KB's...jumping over the bar was pretty draining...and certainly the heat did NOT least the DL's were good!! had me at go! LOL. Thanks for having me!