Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday June 06, 2011

Deadlifts (135#/225#)
Push Press/Jerks (80#/135#)


Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 6:12 RX'd
Wow! This was hard! I could get all Deadlifts but had to break up PP/PJ multiple times. Good WOD!

L.A. said...

Was hard to motivate myself today. So I started with the jumprope it wasn't to bad, just couldnt go to fast.

60 Singles
30 Situps
30 Sqauts
No time
Then later I met Krista at the gym, and tried the Row machine; not to bad managed to do a little over a mile. And used the Leg Press Machine @140lbs. So that all said and done, thats the most I've done in a week since Surgery! To much for the hand in one day!!!

Jen B. said...

Awesome! The site seemed barren last week without you and Krista. Glad you are doing well!

kq said...

Hey Jen!! Leslie probably should not have been rowing but it was nice to see her and get her butt out of the house!! :0)

So, I did 2 2000 meter rows:
Total time: 19:29 for 4000 meter row.

It felt good!

L.A. said...

Lol! Thxs guys for the encouragment. Sore today!!

Jen B. said...

135# DL
60# PP

I screwed up - I thought prescribed weight was 60#. I could have gone a little higher - but the 60# was still challenging. Felt better than expected on deadlifts - dropped weight once each round.

kq said...

Jen!!! Wow; great job!!!

Buy PGX said...

Keep on doing the same routine and change after a few weeks.