Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday June 24, 2011

21 Thrusters (60#/95#)
21 Pullups
200M Run
15 Thrusters (60#/95#)
15 Pullups
200M Run
9 Thrusters (60#/95#)
9 Pullups
200M Run
*Burpees* (if issued)

*Here's the catch. Every time that you drop the bar (thrusters) or drop from the bar (pullups) you are to add 5 burpees for each "drop" to the end of your WOD. Max Burpees set at 50 (that is 10 drops).


Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 7:38 RX'd
No Burpees! That's right, I did everything unbroken! But I did do 10 burpees at the end to see how it felt. This was not included in my time. I liked this much better than FRAN. This one is a keeper.

Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 405# Deadlift
I wanted to see how much I could DL since I have never done more than what is RX'd in WOD's. I put 365# on and went up pretty easy. Placed 405# and went up strong but decided not to go any higher as I am satidfied with that and do not want to get hurt. AWESOME!

L.A. said...

That is AWESOME, great job Paul!

kq said...

SWEET Paul!!

Did Tuesday's WOD (5 rounds/400m run/15OHS) with Leslie today!! Thanks girl I needed the push on it! :0)

15:54 Rx'd

L.A. said...

I haven't done a full WOD with Krista in a month!! This was great for me, althought yes I lifted more then I should be!! But what the Hell,It felt good and Strong for me. Wimpie but strong. I needed this WO way more then Krista did; thxs for the pick me up girl!

16:30 @30#'s

kq said...

Anytime Leslie; just holla! :0)

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