Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday April 13, 2011


1000M Row
50 Thrusters (30#/45#)
30 Pullups

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Wednesday March 10, 2010


Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 7:33 RX'd
Felt good but my hands are still healing from previous WOD's. Row = 3:31

Previous Times:
Paul - 7:04 RX'd (3/10/10)
Had to run from the bays into the weight room to finish my pullups.

Paul - 7:59 RX'd (12/10/09)

L. A. said...

Ok today my legs are really like jello,and sore! Would of been my 3rd WO today, so I just ran. Didn't do so great on time; cause I thought I was going to fall the whole way, with JELLO legs! Lol I stopped to many times!!

Stared at 9:48
Finished at 9:04

2.02 ml

kq said...

Today I did:
AMRAP in 10 minutes (11/20/10)
10 Thrusters (45/75)
5 Burpees

9 rounds + 10 TH; Rx'd
10 rounds at 10:19
8 rounds; Rx'd
10 rounds at 12:23

Jen B. said...

Jen: 10:42 Rx'd

Beat my last time by only 2 seconds...oh well, at least I beat it! I am sure my pullups were alot better this time around

Jenette said...

10:23 Rx'd

Stopped twice for a few seconds on the thrusters. Got 7 pullups in a row, then 6, then about 5 at a time. Checked out my previous time, holy cow! Krista and Leslie thanks so much for joining today, you are both awesome. :-)

Previous - April 15, 2011
25# Thrusters
Pullups with Blue and Purple Band.