Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday April 26, 2011



Jen B. said...

Anyone up for another Paleo challenge? We are starting a 30-day nutrition challenge on May 1st: http://nutchal2010.blogspot.com/

kq said...

AMRAP 15 minutes
20 DU's
10 KB (35lb)
10 BJ (22")

6 rounds + 20 DU's + 5 KB
7 rounds 15:48

Previous similar WOD:
7 rounds; with 200m run instead of DU's (01/26/10)

DU's were okay; started tiring out in the 5th round.

Good work Leslie!

Been trying to get back to Paleo...need to get some carbs back out of the diet! :0(

L. A. said...

Thanks for the WO today Krista! The BJ's where still a bet tough for me, Great DU's Krista, she was flying. I tried to do them after the WO, got a few in. Its my JR that has weights in it, so I'm not able to do them. KB's when good.

6Rds +60 Singles + 10KB's @15mins
Finished 7Rds @15:37

kq said...

Thanks again Leslie; if it wasn't for you I might have not done this - and I needed it!! :0)

Mike L said...

5 Rounds = 15:00
10 KB Swings
10 Burpees
10 Pushups
10 Squats
30 Singles

+ 1 mile @ 7:45 PR for a tortoise (not much sprint in me, maybe I need to race Krista!)

Nice WOD Krista, even though will probably always hate burpees... I will try the DU warmups. My pullups are improving gradually.

Fitness Estrella said...

Leslie what happened to the jumprope I have you? That one would work for double unders.

Daniel Burgess said...

30 strict pullups
50 GHD situps
30 GHD Raises
10 one leg squats
2 15' rope climbs

Immediately after warmup:
200m run
10 power clean @ 135#
8:46 Rx (unbroken)

L. A. said...

I wore that one out! Lol Have to get another one.