Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday April 28, 2011

4 Rounds
5 Power Cleans (110#/185#)
25 Pushups (Hand Release)
250M Row

This should be heavy. If your max is 100# do 90#-95#. Do at least 90% of your max.


Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 12:45 RX'd
Wanted to get in a heavy lift again. This was tough between the PC and Row due to how much legs were needed but fatigued. It seemed to take approximately 45-50 seconds each round for the 5 PC and managed to do 2 in a row each round.

kq said...

Wow Paul; 185lbs! Crazy! Looking back on the PC's the heaviest I have done is 75; so would like to know what you suggest for me on this WOD? Thanks!! :0)

kq said...

85lbs; Sub's SDHP (35lb KB) for row.

Sorry we weren't able to do it with you Jen. I am sure you knocked it out! The row would have been nice to do but I am just glad that we are able to do the WOD's in one form or another. Anyway, the PC's were not too bad with 85lbs - with only 5 at a time. Any more than that would have been hard! Did a couple of squat cleans with 85lbs after - Leslie asked if I could so I did!!

Way to go Leslie and thanks!!

Jen B. said...


I don't think I could have done more than 85#. 90# is my max for PC's. Was able to keep the row at about a 2:00 pace, went a little over on the 3rd rnd. My shoulders were spent by the 3rd round of pushups. Nice job girls!

L. A. said...

Would of liked to have rowed! Sorry u didn't catch us sooner Jen. Krista and I meet almost every Tues/Thur at 3:30 at my house; catch us b4 3:00. This WO was good, your right heavy WO is right!! This was the most I have ever lifted to my shoulders. After the first rd; going from SDHP's to the PC's couldnt lift the first rep to well!! Pushups HR are brutal on my wrist nower days, was to slow on them this time. I was happy with my weight/time. Krista plowed right through this WO.

Sub SDHP (35lb Bar) for row.