Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday April 14, 2011



L. A. said...

WO with Jens Group today, it was nice for a change.

200mm Run anytime you stop/or put down KB
150 KB's

14:? not sure
35lb KB

kq said...

Hola! Today I did:
Squat Cleans (65/95)
Push Press (65/95)

10:33; 65lbs, Rx'd
9:08; 50lbs (11/04/09)

SC's were pretty tough - pretty much did one at a time. Did better on the PP. Got to 15 on first round, 10 (I think) on round two, and knocked all 9 out in the last round. I haven't done SC's in a while so it was good to do them...

kq said...

Ha!! Hey Leslie!! :0)

L. A. said...

Nice job Krista,that was a good weight.

kq said...

Indeed it was...thank you Leslie!