Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday April 16, 2011

AMRAP in 10 minutes
60 Burpees (facing bar)*
30 Overhead Squats (60#/95#)**
15 Pullups (Do max rep pullups if there is time left on the clock)***

* Facing Bar - When doing a burpee, make sure you are facing the bar (not sideways), Jump over the bar, turn around (facing the bar again on the other side) and perform another burpee. Jump over the bar and repeat for 60 reps total.
** This is the CF Open WOD and RX'd is really 90#/120#
*** This is the CF Open WOD and RX'd is really 10 Muscle Ups.


Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 110 Reps (RX'd)
60 Burpees, 30 OH Squats and 20 Pullups in 10 minutes.
This was a tough WOD! Burpees facing the bar make it much more challenging.

L. A. said...

Not sure what you meant by max reps on the Pullups!? You posted only 15 Pullups at a time! Burpees where tough, was't to happy with my OHS.
Pullups where good.

105 Reps + 2 Burpees

Jen B. said...

90 reps (60 burpees, 30 OHS)
55# OHS

This was an interesting WOD. Burpees over bar took me about 6 minutes. I felt pretty good with the OHS. Did 12-7-6-5. Finished the last one right as the buzzer rang. I couldn't quite keep up Krista...nice job with 60#!

kq said...

95 reps; 60lbs

Burpees over the bar was a nice change-3:43 left on timer when I got done with them...OHS felt good; 13-12-5. Was nice to get a few pullups in... Jen's OHS are looking good!! :0) Thanks for helping me start my day...took Noah and the dog for a run around the block when I got home.