Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday April 25, 2011

5 Rounds
10 KB Swings
10 Burpees
10 Pushups (Hand Release)
10 Squats
10 Double Unders (30 Singles)

I stole this one from Krista.

and then,
Do a 1 mile run.

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Sunday December 19, 2010
Sunday July 04, 2010


Jen B. said...


I was really irritated with my double unders. Did OK the first couple rounds, but still doing 1 DU for every 3-4 singles between. The 4th and 5th round were horrible. I could not get a rhythm down and was doing 1 DU for every 10 singles!

Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 9:59 RX'd
Yes I got sub 10! Good WOD! Thanks Krista.

1 Mile Run - 6:02
First time in my barefoot 4 finger shoes. I liked it and felt fast. Still needs to getting used to.
Previous 1 Mile - 6:05
PR - 5:42 (9/17/09)

Jen B. said...

Did a previous WOD with WB squat cleans and WB shots, then 1 mile run.

Did the mile in 7:36; fastest mile: 7:04. Ran with my new "barefoot" running shoes. they felt pretty good, but different. I felt good aerobically on the run.

kq said...

35lb KB
DU's were pretty good today! 10-20 in a WOD is good - any more that that could prove to be quite frustrating for me...

I almost took a minute off my time:
13:25; (04/21/11)

Bummed that I couldn't get the run it; did one yesterday. Will get one done later this week!

Glad you liked it! :0)

Mike L said...

News flash: Debbie said I make too much noise when I work out, the neighbors will complain. I can't blame you guys anymore!

Krista, nice on the DUs! I've managed 2 in a row.

Four rounds of
25 squats
20 situps
15 push ups
10 purple pullups
with 12,9,&6 65# thrusters tucked in between the rounds

Ran around the lake a few times yesterday. Thought of you all. Had this urge to drop and do 20 of something.

Jen B. said...

Hey Mike! Nice to see that you are still at it. Keep it up and don't worry about the neighbors...they complain about us too...

Fitness Estrella said...

Yeah! Get this we got a letter stating a neighbor complained that we "might be running a business out of our garage". LOL It must be new renters to the area who haven't got a clue!

kq said...

Can't beleive that people are complaining! They need to get a neighbors either look at us like we are crazy or cheer us on...ha!

Mike - keep up the good work; just add 5 DU's to your warm up routine and they will start to come! (Paul's idea!)

Jen & Paul - nice mile runs! I am still trying to get under 8!! My best has been 8:09 and lately it's been averaging 8:40! Grr!!

Lisa Hobbs said...

Devin Gable- rounds=17:15, mile run=12:07, total= 29:22

Morgan- rounds=13:54, mi=8:40, total= 22:34

Cheri- rounds=14:27, mi=7:28, total=21:55

Lisa- rounds=12:42, mi=8:10, total=20:52

Tough WOD! Good though! My legs felt like I had to mentally push them to do the run! 5 rounds is brutal before running!