Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday April 18, 2011

Squat Cleans (80#/135#)
Knees to Elbows

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Tuesday February 23, 2010


Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 9:44 RX'd
I wasn't feeling it! I HATE THIS WOD!

Previous Times:
8:56 RX'd (2/23/10)

9:44 RX'd (12/15/09)

L. A. said...

Was feeling a bit sluggish today, went adhead and did this WOD anyway. Hand is getting real sore these days after a WO. Surgery hopfully in May when kids gt out for the summer. Then I will be down for 6wks!! Anyway was sweating bullets with this one. I was happy with my weight today, a liitle tough but I went with it!
K2E's suck. I actually have a few Prv post; how about that. Lol!!


Prv Times
10:08 @55lbs (2/10)
11:07 @50lbs (12/09)
16:10 @60lbs (9/09)

kq said...

12:25; 70lbs

SC's were okay with this weight today...maybe 75lbs but that would really hurt. Almost sat down a couple of times...K2E were tough. All in all not too bad.

At least you are staying consistent Paul; looks real good!! Nice job Leslie - see you tomorrow! ;0)

9:32; 60lbs; 02/23/10
11:58; 60lbs; 12/15/09

Jen B. said...


This did hurt! For some reason I thought that I had done a SC WOD with 75# (it was actually 70# and only 6 reps per round).

Prevvious times:
9:34 60# (2/23/10)
9:49 60# (12/15/09)
14:38 60# (9/13/09)

kq said...

Nice Jen!!

L. A. said...

Way to go Jen, almost did 75lbs,tried to resp; could get under it. Krista nice job.