Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday March 08, 2011

10 Rounds
10 Wallballs (12#@9'/20#@10')
10 Pushups (Hand Release)


Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 8:53 RX'd
This was a good hard fast WOD. Pushups with hand release are tough. The shoulders burn!

L. A. said...

Well Krista and I did a February WOD; one that we missed. This was a big challedge for me big time. The most wieght I've ever done through a full WO..Ya!! C/J's got harder around 4/3; I estd ower time to be around 21mins!!! OHS well, I was only able to go down 1/4 of the way, that was good enough for me. Krista rocks!! Prefect OHS with 70lbs!!!!!

200M Run, 10 Deadlifts
200M Run, 9 Deadlifts
200M Run, 8 Deadlifts
200M Run, 7 Cleans
200M Run, 6 Cleans
200M Run, 5 Cleans
200M Run, 4 Clean and Jerks
200M Run, 3 Clean and Jerks
200M Run, 2 Clean and Jerks
200M Run, 1 Overhead Squat


Prv 16:13@60lbs (6/4/10)
15:13@65lbs (2/14/10)
16:51@60lbs (9/23/09)
18:25@55lbs (7/15/09)

kq said...

Did WOD from 02/21/11 with Leslie:
200M Run
7/run-6/run-5/run CLNS,
4/run-3/run-2/run C&J's, 1 OHS

70lbs; with OHS

I didn't think it would take that long, so that is a bummer. I really felt pretty good on everything; cleans were the hardest to get through for me.

After the wod Leslie and I did 20 Cleans; 70lbs as a little competition and I did them in 1:07.

Previous for this wod:
15:00; 65lbs (06/04/10)
14:41; 60lbs (11/27/09)
15:45; 60lbs (09/29/09)
17:18; 45lbs (07/15/09) one of my first wod's

L. A. said...

Ops forgot to mention that I challenged Krista to do 20 C/J's @ 70lbs with me. She whipped my butt!!

L-1:16 K-1:07
20-C/J's @ 70lbs

kq said...

Leslie; you are the bomb!!! Post your time for the 20 cleans! I don't remember but I wrote it down... :0)

kq said...


Jen B. said...

10:44 Rx'd

This was harder than it looks! My shoulders were on fire by round 2 from pushups.