Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday March 07, 2011

1000M Row
50 Snatches (45#/75#)
750M Row
35 Snatches
500M Row
20 Snatches

Decrease weight for higher intensity (40#). Also bring your bar to the starpoint and do this WOD. Everybody will state at you and think you are bad to the bone.


Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 17:54 RX'd
Wow! The row was brutal! The legs were absolutely fatigued!
I was using an old model B rower that needs new rollers. Even though it seemed harder than normal I managed to have about a 1:40 pace the first round, 1:50 pace the second and sub 2 pace the last round. Tough!

L. A. said...

Did Friday WOD, today.



Jen B. said...

23:18 Rx'd

Yes, brutal! I definitely burned some major calories. I actually felt pretty good with the snatches, so I was happy about that. My legs were burning on the rows and had to rest for at least 30 seconds before starting snatches.

kq said...

23:37; Rx'd

This was a good combo; made the snatches more challenging. My first pace on the row was 2:16, thereafter, 2:22...I am happy with that since I NEVER row anymore. Jen did great on her snatches; just kept pushing through...I was sucking wind on them! :0)