Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday February 08, 2011

Clean and Jerk (80#/135#)


Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 11:18 RX'd
135# C&J
Dang it this was hard. I thought I should have been under 10:00. It was a good WOD though and felt the fatigue.

kq said...


OMG!! 65lbs was so hard to C&J today! My hands are so sore, calloused and blistered from "Cindy"...boo-hoo!!! Leslie just busted right through this while I just tried to keep up! Dang woman!!!

L. A. said...

This wasn't to bad, the the first Rd was brutal!! I might of been able to use a bit more weight then I did. Krista was a tropper on this one, cut hands and all!! We had puddles of sweat all over the garage floor!! Lol; Felt good afterwareds. Thxs Krista


Fitness Estrella said...

Very impressive both of you.

Jen B. said...


Wow, good job girls! I couldn't keep up with your time. I felt pretty strong on the pullups and C&J's weren't too bad...guess I needed someone there to push me a little harder!

Mike L said...

72# C&J
Pullups were horrible. I don't think I've recovered from Cindy yet. Had to do most of them as Jump ups. If I would have had a band, I would have used it. Clean and Jerk weight was about right.

L. A. said...

Nice job everyone on this WO. Mike your Pullups will come back to you in no time. Try to do about 5 a nite if nothing else that day!