Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday February 17, 2011

4 Rounds
15 Deadlifts (Body Weight)
25 Pushups
250M Row


Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 11:51 RX'd
210# DL and N2G Pushups (Nose 2 Ground)
This WOD sucked! Or maybe it was the row that sucked after doing deadlifts. The first round was the only round I did unbroken. Even though it sucked it was still a good WOD.

kq said...

115lb DL
sub'd 25 SDHP for row; 35lb KB

Not so fast today!!! DL's sucked, pushups sucked...I agree this whole WOD sucked!! The only thing I did unbroken was my last set of SDHP!! Ugh!!!

L. A. said...

Booo Hooo, I will attempt to do this Friday!!! Guys did a good job!!!

L. A. said...

OMG!!!! Ok this WO SUCKED !!!! Over all it was a great pump. The DL's felt like I was lifting 200lbs; by the last Rd. Pushups where good,broke them up into 15,10: but not sure why Paul did (N2 Ground) on these, it wasn't posted on the WOD?? So I did my Pushups (N2 Ground). I have rug burn on my nose now!! Lol Did not brake up my SDHP's. DL's had to do 5-5-5, was a little slow. Although I didn't bet Krista's time as she thought I would, I was pleased with my time; I don't say that very often. Oh and did I mention this WOD SUCKED>.............

30# SDHP's (for Row

Jen B. said...

115# DL

That was a killer WOD. Got through all DLs first round, then did 10-5 on 2nd, then 9-6 for 3rd, and 5-5-5 for 4th. Pushups killed me by the 3rd round. The rows weren't bad - took a little over 1 minute each round and about 35 rows.