Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday February 03, 2011

4 Rounds
10 Deadlifts (135#/225#)
50 Double Unders (150 Singles)

Please try Double Unders.
At least do one round on your own after the WOD with double unders.


kq said...

DL's 115lbs

Still trying to have better form with my DL's so I did a lower weight and felt good with it. Did some DU's after; I can do single, single, double about 5 times in a row but can't seem to put DU's together yet.

This was a good WOD; thanks for the company today Leslie and nice job...!

Mike L said...

DLs 121#
My second round of singles stunk. I think I restarted 12 times, then the 3rd round was nonstop, go figure.

Had some firsts today. I tried double unders as part of my warmup. Actually did two of them. I was concerned about the DL weight, so I warmed up by adding a little weight at a time up to 121#, so the workout went great. Afterward, I max'd at 141#. I know that's barely women's Rx, but it's a MAX for me! My lower back is fatigued and I banged my knees and shins a couple of times.

Great to see you workin out and postin results Krista. Seems like you're doing great. Miss ya. Mike L

L. A. said...

Hey Mike, how are the new weights?? You had me by one # on toadys WOD,and by 2mins HOW FUNNY!!!!
This WO was funny, I actually used the most wight ever on my DL in a single WO!! Thanks agian to Krista, she pushed me hard today.

DL's 120#

Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 7:47 RX'd
225# DL and DU's
This was a good WOD but kicked my butt by the third round. I did the first round in 1:10. I had to break up my third round DL's and the DU's were fatiguing as hell after those DL's. I also used my taped up Buddy Lee rope during the WOD and then did a 5th round after, with the Sports Autority rope. I like it much better and the rope seems faster. I suggest going there and getting one for $5.99. I also recorded this WOD but wouldn't load to the site (too large).

Julie said...

This was our first deadlift, so we used low weight to practice the form.

Julie: 35#,singles
Randy: 55#, singles

Fitness Estrella said...

Awesome Job Julie and Randy! If you are doing these right you should feel it all in your hamstrings and glutes. You shouldn't feel it in your back at all. Remember keep your core tight and maintain the lordotic curve.