Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday February 07, 2011



Mike L said...

14 rounds + 5 pullups
Pullups = 2 to 3 at a time, then about round 9, knocked out 5 in a row, go figure
Pushups = great for first couple of rounds, faded quickly
Squats = never missed a beat, leg work pays dividends

Thanks for the invite Jen. Good to see you Krista. Thank you both for the challenge.

L. A. said...

Well I missed another therapy group with all of you, SORRY Jen! I need one badly. I did Cindy with Rachel, and she KICKeD my butt!!! She pushed me hard.

15 Rds +5 pullups +10 pushups

Prv- 19 Rds purple Band (2/10)
Prv- 15 Rds Red Band (7/09)

17 Rds
Jumping Pullups