Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday February 11, 2011

3 Rounds
30 Toes 2 Bar (T2B)
21 Ground 2 Overhead (60#/95)

*subs-T2B or K2E or Legs above parallel to ground.
*ground 2 OH can be a clean and jerk or snatch or any other way you want to take the weight from the ground to above your head.


Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 13:43 RX'd
T2B and 95# G2OH (C&J)
I didn't feel like I went hard. I could have pushed a bit more. The T2B were harder than the G2OH. I was also nursing a sore right shoulder. Good wod otherwise and know I will feel it in the abs tomorrow.

kq said...


Was going to do 60lbs and glad I went with 55lbs. The G2OH (C&J's) really really got difficult; my forearms are still numb as I type this. Did K2E instead of T2B. Felt slow...good WOD. Thanks Leslie for having me; glad we were able to get it done!

L. A. said...

Almost didnt get this WO in today. Nite time seems so much harder to get moring. Krista thanks for waiting for me to show up! Slept like a baby after this one. 55lbs was perfect for this WO!! Form felt good. K2E sucked...stopped to long, could only get 2-3 K2E at a time; it seemed like 4ever.


Jen B. said...


This was crazy. I was originally going to do 50# on this WOD, but since Krista and Leslie went with 55#, I did too. I did toes-to-bar which was brutal with that many reps. Did 10 in a row the first round and then I was lucky to do 4 in a row after that.

kq said...

Nice job Jen!! T2B make me want to puke and they are super hard...but, the K2E were pretty tough too. After the first round I had to break them up to 5 at a time and usually the last five would be 3 or 4 and then 2, 1.

L. A. said...

Jen nice job! We both try to keep up with you,should be a piece of cake for you.