Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wednesday December 29, 2010

400M Run
50 Double Unders (150 Singles)
50 Situps
40 Double Unders (120 Singles)
40 Situps
30 Double Unders (90 Singles)
30 Situps
20 Double Unders (60 Singles)
20 Situps
10 Double Unders (30 Singles)
10 Situps
400M Run

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Thursday July 01, 2010


Mike L said...
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Mike L said...

Too wet to run, so I flexed a previous workout.
3X (3:45, 8:08, 12:55)
40 Squats
30 Situps
20 Pushups
10 Burpees

Squats were strong, situps so-so, pushups okay, and typical burpees (I'm trying to improve my form, even if it hurts my time).

Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 13:31
This was on an extreme slope in Auburn. Double Unders were good but jumprope broke at the end of the 30. Situps felt horrible.

Previous Times:
Paul - 12:56 (7/01/10)
This was on an extreme slope for both 400M runs. I did double unders and almost beat my best time. Double Unders went well and were almost all unbroken.

Paul - 14:58 (5/21/10)
Double Unders
I don't know what happened here except my situps were not anchored well. Oh well.

Paul - 12:51PR - (2/13/10)
Double Unders

Last Time in Auburn:
Paul - 15:34 (6/24/09)
3 Singles for every DU.

Jen B. said...


Situps were good. I actually caught up to Paul on the 30 situps round, but he barely pulled ahead at the end.

Lisa Hobbs said...

Lisa- 14:03 (singles)
Morgan- 14:03 (DU's)
Cheri- 14:23 (singles)

Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

Just for documenting purposes, I have to mention that during the 50 DU's I couldn't get into a groove and kept tripping up on the rope so after about 30 awkward and ridiculous DU's I finished the round with 60 singles. The 40, 30, 20, 10 rounds I did all DU's. Great day for a workout! It wasn't super hot

Lisa Hobbs said...

13:56 singles

Lisa Hobbs said...

Bridgette: 17:42
Jeff: 13:53
Lexi: 16:10