Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wednesday December 15, 2010

Rest Day


L. A. said...

I have the next 3 days off!! I have some making up to do...Lol!! Today at work my calfs where killing me, still from Modays WOD. Rest day big time.

Mike L said...

Did Monday's WOD minus the pull ups. The rest was adequate. I want to do this one (with the pull ups) when I get my pullup bar installed.
50 jump and touch 15"
40 squats
30 situps
20 pushups
You all had GREAT times. This is a great all around workout.
Mike L

Jen B. said...

Nice job Mike! Maybe I will try that one tomorrow. Leslie - I am right there with you - took the last 3 days off. Did yesterday's WOD today:
5 rounds + ~120 meters
115# DL