Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday December 09, 2010



Jen B. said...

7 rounds
10 KB (40# dumbell)
10 pullups

The last round of pullups were arms are numb. Overall I was happy considering I had the stomach flu the last 2 days!

kq said...

Did WOD from 11/29/10:
4 Rounds
400m run
20 SDHP (55lbs)
20 BJ's (20")


This was tough; but good. Needed a run - felt pretty good. Leslie was trying to have a conversation with me during the wod...too funny...nice job girl; enjoy your fudge! :-)

kq said...

and NICE JOB Jen!! :-)

L. A. said...

Ok she WIPED my tush! This was a good WO, so not fun on the LEGS. BJ's where brutal. SDHPs should of went with 60#s. The run was smooth. So wanted to cancel on Krista, Thanks for beening there. Taking the Postal exam next Sat. under alot of stress these days. Nice form girl.
Jen nice this week. You ladies keep me going.
My Daiquiri tasted so much better then water!!! I skipped the FUDGE!!!

20 SDHP @55#'s
20 BJ's @21"`

20:50 Yuck!!