Saturday, December 4, 2010

Saturday December 04, 2010

5 Rounds
500m Row
7 Thrusters (85/135#)

Add 20-30% of normal thruster weight

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Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 14:28 RX'd
Tough WOD!

Previous Time:
14:19 (01/30/10)

kq said...

Did WOD with Leslie today from 11/26/10
4 rounds
25 Box jumps
20 KB (LBS)
10 Toes to Bar


I did all BJ's and KB's pretty much straight through but those T2B caught up to me by the 3rd round. Did 5 then 4 then 1 the 1st and 2nd round by the 3/4th round I could only do 2 or 3 at a time...ugh!

Leslie kicked but on T2B. Thanks!

kq said...

oops...35lbs on KB's; heaviest I have...

kq said...


Wowee! I never put the bar down on the Thrusters; the last 2-3 of each round were very difficult. Row was pretty strong (for me) stayed under 2:20 nearly the whole time. Jen's Thrusters were great; nice squat and good form all the way to the top! :0) This was a killer WOD!

Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

Jen B. said...


Previous: 17:58 60#

Yes, wow! A good WOD after taking 3 days off and being sick and having sick kids! Had to put wt. down once on 4th and 5th rounds. Krista - awesome job with the 70# - I wasn't ready to go there yet...