Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday November 16, 2010

L. Arm KB Snatch (35#/53#)
R. Arm KB Snatch (35#/53#)

If you do not have a KB use a Dumbbell


Anonymous said...

25lb DB for KB snatch

NOT happy with time; should have been better. Different wod. Not too bad...IF I could just get better on my pullups...someday...Great job Leslie; thanks for having me!! Hang in there and stand up for yourself woman!!

Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 8:54 RX'd
This was extremely hard. I gave everything I had and was dripping sweat. I liked it even though it was different. It seemed to target the core a bit as well.

Good job Krista. I think your time was excellent.

L. A. said...

Not bad,I should of used 25#'s, one handed is much harder with heavier weight. I'm am use to that movement from another I do, but it has way more reps then this; there for u would use a lighter weight in that WO. Way to go Krista, hope your hands aren't to bad.