Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday November 20, 2010

AMRAP in 10 Minutes*
10 Thrusters (45#/75#)
5 Burpees

*If you do not get 10 rounds, keep going until you do and post both how many round in 10 minutes as well as your final time for 10 rounds.


Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 8 Rounds, 10 Thrusters and 1 Burpee
Finished 10 rounds at 11:44 (RX'd @ 75#)

This was a good hard WOD. I finished the first 5 rounds in 5 minutes and didn't put the thrusters down. Rounds 6-10 had to break them up 6 and 4 except round 8 I did them all.

L. A. said...

Was a rest for me. I so wished I could of been with the group today, but Football came first. Hope it was a hard WO!!

Jen B. said...

7 rounds + 4 thrusters
10 rounds in 14:31
Rx'd @ 45#

This was definitely harder than it sounds. Was able to get all the thrusters on the first 2 rounds only.

Krista is the thruster master!
Mike - Nice job - I know you love those burpees!
Amy- you did awesome for your first WOD!

Anonymous said...

8 rounds; 10 minutes
10 rounds; 12:23
45lbs; Rx'd

WAY HARDER than it sounds; crazy how these wod's trick you into thinking they are more doable than they legs were shakey after...

Jen - way to push through - you are STRONGER than you think...
Mike - you have the power - way to GO!
Amy - Dang! Great job; hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! LOL!!

Paul - it was great to see you; thanks for the WOD!

L. A. said...

7Rds + 10 Thrst @ 10:03min



Jen B. said...

Leslie - Nice job! My quads are sore today!

kq said...

Did this on 04/13/11

9 Rounds + 10 Thrusters; Rx'd
10 Rounds at 10:19

Lisa Hobbs said...

Had to improvise because this WO killed my injured shoulder when I tried to do thrusters:
10 rounds
10 front squats (45#)
5 burpees
in exactly 10 minutes!