Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday November 08, 2010

4 Rounds
10 Power Cleans (85#/135#)
10 Pullups
10 Burpees
10 Kettlebells (35#/53#)


Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 11:47 RX'd
This was a good hard WOD. This may even be better with lighter weight Cleans.
I liked this one.

Jen B. said...

75# Power cleans
35# KB

Good WOD, especially after 3 days of rest. I needed it!

***If anyone wants to do WOD tomorrow, I am open. I was planning on doing one from a few days ago with run, deadlifts, and situps.***

Anonymous said...

Jen: I am available tomorrow...just let me know when. Thanks, Krista

Anonymous said...

Krista: Today I did:
3 rounds
10 Front squats
200 singles
10 Power snatches
100 singles

I did a couple of power snatches with 70lbs but almost fell backwards so dropped down to 65lbs. Front squats were strong with this weight and power snatches were not bad. Almost can get arms straight up overhead in one motion. Need a bar like Jen though and would be much, much better (my bar is too wide)!! :-)

Fitness Estrella said...

Krista, good job. Is your bar to wide or too thick? Jens bar between collars is the same width as an olympic bar. The bar thickness on the other hand is 25 mm.

Anonymous said...

Paul: Don't know...I have a 45lb bar so even though the bar between collars may be the same, I believe it is longer on the ends. The thickness is prob more too; I would have to measure it. Krista

L. A. said...

Power Cleans @70#'s
KB's 30#'s