Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday October 20, 2010

5 Rounds
10 Power Cleans (80#/135#)
25 Double Unders (100 Singles)
10 Deadlifts (135#/225#)
10 Ring Dips

Max on Overhead Squats


Fitness Estrella said...

I did this On Duty yesterday 10/19/2010.
Paul - 11:28 RX'd
Good hard WOD! I felt really good on all parts. Legs were more fatigued than I thought they would be. Jumprope went well. Ring Dips felt strong.

I maxed out OHS after dinner later in the night.
Robby kept pushing me by increasing weight. We started at 135# and went up in 5# increments. Robby ended up doing 175#. So I had to do it. I barely got the weight above my head, came to a complete squat and on my way up, my left arm/shoulder gave out and the barbell pulled my left arm backwards behind me crashing to the ground. As this occured I felt and heard tearing in my left shoulder. It hurts. My arm immediately went to my side and I was unable to move it. While getting checked for a previous injury (hand) today 10/20/10, the doc examined my shoulder and thinks I tore the rotator cuff. I am pissed. Everyone there watching is giving me credit for 175# but I am only going to take the previous amount of 170#.
OHS = 170#
Squat Snatch = 145# (didn't attempt any higher)

L. A. said...

OMG!! Thats sounded so painfull! You push yourself to hard, and c what happens!!! Now what? Well I attempted to do Mondays WOD, couldn't quite get 70#'s up there>> so I went to 65#'s. Started the first Rd for about 4 reps; had to stop clock, and lower it to 60#'s. Twisted my right shoulder, but keep going and finish the WOD. Sorry just couldn't do more weight!! So bumbed.

3 Rounds
15 Hang Cleans @60#'s
15 Burpess


Anonymous said...

Paul!!!!!!!!! (You better take care of yourself!)

Good job Leslie; don't pull a Paul!



L. A. said...

5 Rds

10 Power Clns @70#'s YEAH!!!!
100 Singles
10 Dl's @70#'s
10 Rig Dips (With band)