Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday September 15, 2010

3 Rounds
50 Double Unders (200 Singles)
25 Wallball 2-fer-1's (12#/20#)

For the 2-fer-1's you may have to use a lighter WB. 2-fer-1's are just that. With the WB in your hands squat down completely and back up thrusting WB to your mark on the wall. As the WB leaves your hands complete another squat (down and up). As you are finishing your 2nd squat (w/o the WB) catch the WB and repeat. HAVE FUN!


Jen B. said...

Did WOD from last week:
Turkish Get Ups
SOTS press

15# DB for TGU
25# bar for SOTS

This was a different WOD. My shoulders were on fire. Tried to use a 20# DB for TGU, but a little too heavy...maybe next time. SOTS were also challenging...couldn't do more than 5 in a row.

Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 12:43 RX'd
Double Unders
20# WB @ 10'

WOW! This was challenging and tough. The double unders were great. Did 28 to 32 and then 18 to 22. Only had to break it up once each round.
Now the 2-fer-1's were extremely challenging. It takes alot of core to catch the WB on the way up from the 2nd squat. I could never do more than 7 and would do 1 at a time for some of the WOD. Good WOD.