Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wednesday August 04, 2010

6 Rounds
400M Run
25 Burpees


Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 22:27 RX'd
Good Metabolic WOD! I was dripping sweat as well and blinding me.
Graham Holmberg (2010 CF Champ) did this in 21:10.

Anonymous said...

Did this on 08/02/10 with Jen (kicked ass!) and Leslie (rocked it!)...

27:08 (if I remember that right); quite intense. Don't care to do this one again! :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice time should go to the games...


L. A. said...

You are Krista I dont car to do this on any time soon again!!! And may I remind you that both you and Jen kickd my ASS!!!! Thank you Shea for bringing me water!!!


Jen B. said...

This was crazy. That last round was brutal. Krista and Leslie - thanks for doing this with me! You guys are awesome! Mike- you missed out on all those burpees!

L. A. said...

I did yesterdays workout today, it went pretty smooth. Tried 60#'s, couldn't lift the wieght fast eoungh to perform both movements at the same time. Pullups where not great, can only get up to the bottom of my chin. Did not want to use the band.!!!


Chest/2Bar (only to my chin)

Run 2.25 miles before WOD

Anonymous said...


I did Sundays WOD of thrusters and DU
thrusters 60#
singles- DU for the last set

good WOD I was winded. I needed a break from my 8 round WOD I got my first blister from the pullups with gloves on. My forearms were toast along with the rest of my body. Hehe

Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

Did this WO today (10/10/11). Krista headed this one up despite her comments of never wanting to do this again ;-)

I took too long to post the time but I'm pretty sure it was 23:32. I know it was in the 23 minute range. Great wo! I'm actually looking forward to beating that time in a couple months.