Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday August 17, 2010



Jen B. said...

20 Front squats 75#
40 Toes to Bar
60 Kettlebell swings 40#

This was pretty tough. PR for me as far as the weight on front squats. First time doing toes to bar - the first 20 weren't too bad...Heavy KB at the end was grueling.

Great job on the front squats Krista! You could have easily done 80 - 85#.

kq said...

20 Front Squats; 75lbs
40 Toes to Bar
60 KB swings; 40lbs


This was a good wod and something totally different which I liked! Front squats went well; Jen's right, prob could have done more weight although I had a hard time picking the bar back up to finish. I believe I did 13 and had to put the bar down and then finished up the last 7. First time on T2B which was interesting...not too bad...KB's were a challenge...took awhile to get to 40 and then finished up with two sets of 10 and felt ok.

Thanks Jen; excellent job on T2B and way to push through the KB's! What great weather too! :-)

L. A. said...

OMG!!!! This was nuts!! I tried to rack 80#'s from the top of my BJ's, almost knocked myself out. The boxs where in the way of my kness, so I couln't get under it! The Toes to Bar very funny....I was able to get foot up there and half my other leg, ha! ha! It would of been so much more fun with both of u.!! Sorry I couldnt get there, bad timing for me.

20 Frt/Suats @75#'s
40 Toes 2 Bar
60 KB's @30#'s

11:40 (So Yukie!!)

L. A. said...

Nice job ladies, you guys do these WOD with such Grace!!

kq said...

Nice job Leslie; that was a fun one!