Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thursday August 05, 2010



L. A. said...

Just ran today

2.25 miles

Anonymous said...

Krista (Did Sunday's wod today)
60lbs (Thrusters)
Singles (jump rope)

Thrusters were were good; only got tripped up once on the 4th set. Ran 1 mile after 9:10...sucky!! :-) Better last time 8:13 with 60lbs...
Also took a 75 minute yoga class today and 60 min yoga class yesterday...ahhh...

Anonymous said...


I did yesterdays WOD can I say OMG It SUCKED!!!!!! I SUCKED, everything about it SUCKED for me! Ran around the neighborhood which is on a hill. That is my only excuse, oh yeah and I SUCKED! I do not EVER want to do this again but you know I will because I can't let this beat me. You all ROCK I am so proud of all of you and thank you for letting me share this awesome and painful journey of crossfit with you.

Dan-23:54 He did Awesome so proud of him!

L. A. said...

Mendi you are starting to sound like ME!!! All my posting should sound like that HA! HA! Dont be so hard on yourself. Have you not realized that you have KICKED ASS on just about everything we do!!!! You ROCK GIRL.....and Dan keep up the good work!!

Fitness Estrella said...

Mendi, either way excellent job. I see just a little pattern that you may already know. With CrossFit it is about constantly varying and doing real world scenarios and things you suck at. Well, not that you suck at anything at all but you seem to only be upset with your times and performance if it was done outside. In otherwords you rock in a nice cool, clean perfect environment such as a gym. The key is no matter where you are at or the conditions, you want to have the same or close to same performance. Maybe practice your WODs more frequently outside or in a garage. I may be wrong.... please give me feedback and let me know what you think.