Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday August 28, 2010

15 Rounds
20 Second Run (Sprint)
40 Second Rest

Sprint for 20 seconds and stop on a dime. Rest 40 seconds. At the minute start your sprints again and continue through 15 rounds. Post total distance to comments.


Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 1 mile and 150 meters
Finished up 1 mile and 200 meters at 28 seconds the last round.

Good metabolic WOD. I think I could have ran further if I were at a track. I have to bob and weave running at work and around fire trucks, gates, equipment and people.

L. A. said...

Trying to catch up on the WOD, I did Wedenesdays, I sub the Row for a 400m Run. Didn't want to sub the row with SDHP's cuz they where already in the workout!

500 Row (sub w/400m run)1:47

4 Rds
10 Pullups
15 BJ's @21"
10 SDHP @55#'s
25 Situps
500 Row (sub w/400m run) 2:10

15:31 (Not including the runs)