Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday August 30, 2010

4 Rounds
9 Cleans (85/135#)
6 Handstand pushups


30 Hang power snatches (45/75#)
30 Pullups (chest-to-bar)
750m Row


L. A. said...

Did Fridays WOD today!! OMG!!! I can't even type this post, my shoulders are on FIRE is right!!!!!

10 Rounds

10 Thruster @50#'s
10 Ring Pushups ( !!!DID THEM ALL!!!! )


Ran afterwards about 3miles

Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 13:48
135# Cleans
95# Snatches
C2B Pullups
1st part - 5:00
2nd part - 8:48
This was pretty brutal. It was meant to rest 20 minutes between the 4 rounds and the snatches, pullups and Row. I decided to do it all at once. Good WOD though.

Fitness Estrella said...

Nice job Leslie with the ring pushups! Way to complete the task.

L. A. said...

Thanks, I truly can not lift my arms above my head!! Is seems lately the more I workout the more sore I feel. The rings were BRUTAL all in itself. Thanks for the new challege,I just might use them for all the pushup WOD's ha ha!

kq said...

I did a different wod:

15 Hang Cleans
15 Burpees

8:28; 70lbs
8:23; 65lbs(04/24/10)

kq said...

oops; that was 3 rounds on the wod...

Jen B. said...

75# Cleans
Modified HSPU w/feet on 48" box
45# snatch

Good WOD. The cleans were tough - tried out 80 and 85# before starting - was able to do once- a little too heavy for the WOD - 75# was just right. The pullups were tough - only 3 at a time - row was good. Krista and I were pretty much neck and neck throughout.

kq said...

75lb Cleans
Modified HSPU w/feet on 48" box
45lb snatch

The cleans were tough; didn't think I would be able to finish; grunting in the 4th round helped! Jen did 80lb and 85lb in warm up, I could NOT do 85lb!! Good job Jen! Pullups - I used purple band for the first 20 and then did the last ten without; 2-3 at a time. The row actually felt pretty good for once. I tried real hard to keep up with you Jen; you were very strong on your cleans and, well, everything! :-)

kq said...

Oh and we were at 5:58 after the 1st part...

Fitness Estrella said...

Robby - 12:52
115# Cleans
95# Snatches
C2B Pullups
1st part - 4:10
rest for 30 minutes
2nd part - 8:42

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