Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday August 27, 2010

10 Rounds
10 Thrusters (60#/95#)
10 Ring Pushups*

* Ring Pushups should consist of your chest at or below the bottom of the rings and of course, then fully locked out for 1 Rep. If these are too hard or you do not have appropriate tools to do this, do regular pushups with hand release at the bottom position.

If your rings do not extend completely to the ground from the pullup bar, you may use plyo boxes for your feet (toes) to raise yourself to a parallel height for your ring pushups.


Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 18:39 RX'd
95# Thrusters
Ring Pushups

Holy Cow! This was a brutal WOD! I challenge everyone to try this sometime. Remember, just finish the task. Thrusters I had to break up 7 of the 10 rounds at 6. Ring Pushups were tough and had to break them up starting in round 2. Even though I broke these up, I didn't rest but a few seconds. I do not want to revisit this for a long time.

Fitness Estrella said...

Robby - 22:13 RX'd
95# Thrusters
Ring Pushups

Fitness Estrella said...

Charles - 47:18 RX'd
95# Thrusters
Ring Pushups
Charles (The Shiek) has excellent form and excellent full range of motion. He has been only doing this consistent for less than a month. What is most impressive is the Full ROM. Ultimately he will gain stregnth faster and naturally become faster and quicker. Great JOB!

L. A. said...

Not quite sure how to do the Ring Pushups!!
Thank you Krista for the company.

30 BJ's @21"
5 Hand Release Pushups
25 BJ's
10 HRPU's
20 BJ's
15 HRPU's
15 BJ's
20 HRPU's
10 BJ's
25 HRPU's
5 BJ's
30 HRPU's


Anonymous said...

Thanks Leslie!!
20" BJ

HRPU's were pretty brutal...


Jen B. said...

Pushups w/ hand release

This was a tough combo. I think the pushups were harder than the thrusters. 100 thrusters is quite a bit, so I was hesistant to use more weight. I actually started to do this WOD the other day using 60# and after about 6 thrusters said "NO WAY"!

Anonymous said...

Pushups with Hand Release

aaaaggghhh!!!!! My shoulders are on FIRE!!

kq said...

17:02; 60lbs/HRPU

Never put the bar down on the Thrusters...HRPU still KILL me...