Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday August 20, 2010



L. A. said...

Ran this morning 3.25mls


Cln/Jerks @55#'s

Did this WOD back in June 2009 @45#'s (19:00)One of Mike's and I first workout together!!!! look at the time differents!! WOW...

Jen B. said...

Did last Monday's WOD:
10 ground to overhead
200m run

3 rounds - 6:35
6 rounds - 14:51
60# (rx'd...yeah!)

This was harder than I thought it would be. Felt great on the runs.

Leslie - that is awesome! It's nice to see how far you have come in one year. It's funny how much you are running now too! Keep it up!

L. A. said...

Thanks, I still run slow though!! thank you for the encouragement, it goes a long way. Mondays WOD was tough for me., Nice job with your time.

kq said...

This morning; 75 minute yoga sculpt class...ouch

This evening:
WOD 04/17/10
30 KB and 5 WB
25 KB and 10 WB
20 KB and 15 WB
15 KB and 20 WB
10 KB and 25 WB
5 KB and 30 WB

I subbed Thrusters (45lbs) for WB and used 35lb KB.

14:52...this wod was pretty tough!! Dripping in sweat afterwards...