Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday August 06, 2010

AMRAP in 10 minutes
6 Squat Cleans (120/75#)
12 Pullups
24 Double Unders


3 Rounds
1 Snatch
1 Clean & Jerk
6 Squat cleans
12 Pullups
24 Double Unders
24 Situps


Leslie A said...
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Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 4 Rounds, 6 SC's and 12 Pullups.
I finished 5 Rounds in 10:40.

I should have had 5 rounds in the AMRAP. I was using an old school jumprope and my first 2 rounds of JR were horrible. I couldn't get more then 3 in a row. Many times I couldn't get 1. The next 3 rounds went smooth and only broke once. Next time I will get 5 rounds.

Anonymous said...

Had to do a different WOD:
Squat Cleans (65/95)
Push Press (65/95)


Previous: 9:08, 50lbs, 11/04/09

Should have gone for 60lbs...although it would have taken much longer...squat cleans were tiring. Did 75 minute yoga sculpt class earlier today too.

Leslie A said...

Ran about 2.25 miles again this morning then did the WOD. I thought I would take the most simple WOD, thinking only 10 more mins of beating myself up. I should be embarrassed to post this.

AMRAP in 10 min

3 RDs +5 Squat cleans only
SINGLES 100ech rd,not sure how many I shld hv


WHAT THE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>!!!!!!

Jen B. said...

4 rounds in 10:30 with 65# SC and 96 singles per round.
Time was at 9:40 on 4th round when I finished my pullups.