Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday July 20, 2010

Muscle Ups (sub 2-4 Pullups and 2-4 Ring Dips for each MU)
Squat Snatches (95#/135#)

This was the first event in the CF Games.
The fastest time was Chris Spealer at 3:29.
5 men and 30 women did not complete it in the required 12 minutes.


Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 20:38 RX'd

OK! This shit was hard! I have never done squat snatches before and have never done any kind of snatch with more than 95#. Also I can not extend fully doing my muscle ups due to hanging off a low bar. (may be harder???)

So the first round I could not get a snatch going into a squat. I finally resorted to power snatching and then doing a squat. The second round I was able to do 4 fairly quickly and the last round I was able to do all 5 fast. The key was knowing how to balance yourself while keeping stregnth up with the fatigue factor. Needless to say I should be able to do this in 12-15 minutes if not faster now. I also would have placed 44 out of 45 in this event. Knowing the squat snatch now, I would probably place 40th in this event with a faster time.

Anonymous said...


Dan and I were feeling a little nutty and decided to run outside @ 3:30 in the afternoon. WTHeck were we thinking!?! Not a great idea I felt like i was gonna die.

4 rounds - Mendi 18:13
400m- up and down hill in neighborhood
25 DU I thought the DU were harder than the run!

Dan 14:30
100 singles with weighted rope.
I gave him a hard time and said he beat me because singles are easier so he decided he would do another set to show me. I definitely thought he had gotten heat stroke by even suggesting this but the nut ball did another set with DU and was slower but only by a minute.
DU 15:24
How annoying that he still beat me bad but I will try to catch him next time. Maybe if its like 5am and only 95 degrees out Haha NOT!

Anonymous said...


I am not set up for MU or pull ups...so I did the squat snatches and did dips and push ups in between the sets...totally not the same as a MU but I wanted to try the squat snatches. Out of the total 21 squat snatches, I probably did half of them correctly. The weight was ok; but I had a hard time getting under the weight and finding my balance. I did 4 more after I was done with the 9-7-5 to try and get it. I am blown away that you Rx'd it Paul! I really wanted to try 65lbs (95lbs is insane!). I warmed up with just my bar (45lbs) and that was good, then I did 50lbs, still felt ok, so decided to go with 55lbs and found that to be difficult enough...couldn't seem to get my feet (squat) set right.

Jen B. said...

subbed 2 pullups/ring dips for each muscle up

I still am not comfortable with the snatch, let alone a squat snatch, so used lighter weight and did a snatch, then an OHS. Used red band for assist on the ring dips. Krista - good job - we will get there one of these days...

L. A. said...

This was hard and fustrating for me, was not comfortable either with the snatch, was not stable. So I did snatch with OHS, used purlpe band for ring dips. Nice job ladies

2Rgd/2Pullups for each MU